What sets the U-Pass™ Inspire Community Health Testing and Vaccination Program apart?

The U-Pass™ ICH testing program is a comprehensive turn-key COVID-19 testing solution that combines highly accurate tests with rapid results, automated test data collection and data analytics, daily health screenings and a test program management application to effectively administer the overall testing program.

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Our alliance has a comprehensive testing program customized based on the specific needs/risk factors for your organization and includes the following:

On-Site Mass-Scale Periodic Testing: Regularly scheduled mass-scale testing of your organization to monitor for potential COVID-19 infections. A baseline testing frequency is established for the majority of the organization with potentially higher frequency testing for subgroups with higher risk factors. Testing is conducted at your facility or location to minimize business disruptions and lost productivity.

Turnkey Testing Solution: Our turnkey testing solution allows you to quickly deploy a mass-scale testing program at minimal cost. All testing is managed and conducted by Inspire Diagnostics’ team of certified technicians who are trained specifically on the administration of our rapid test kits.

Test Result Verification: Positive results obtained from our rapid tests are verified with follow-up molecular laboratory-based tests as-needed.

At the center of our testing solution is a best-in-class rapid point-of-care testing platform that provides accurate test results in as little as 10 minutes.

Testing includes both COVID-19 antigen testing, which tests if an individual has an active infection and is potentially contagious, as well as a COVID-19 antibody test to check if an individual has recovered from a past COVID-19 infection. 

Program Benefits

Proactively manage and guard the well-being of your entire community and enable the restoration of pre-COVID-19 operations.

Reduce the potential risk/cost of major disruptions to your organization including the threat to the overall mission of your organization, lost productivity and lost economic activity.

Promote your COVID-WorkSafe testing program to gain the confidence of your stakeholders and create a significant competitive advantage.

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